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Hey, if you have reached this part of the document, and have not read the Terms of Service, please go do so. This is an extension to that document, which deals with what the Administrators and Moderators of the Epic Music VN YouTube Channel ("We") call the "Request Show".

The Request Show Policy ("RSP")

The Request Show is an event held by the Epic Music VN Administrators, where the Members are allowed to choose the music being played on the Stream. Because of this, we have some rules in place to ensure that everyone are treated fairly during the event. You agree not to:

Furthermore, there are a few things which are not something you are forced to do, but something that makes it easier for the Epic Music VN Administrators to process your request. Firstly, tag Epic Music VN in the Chatbox, whenever you request. It helps them see the message. Secondly, post your request in ARTIST - TRACK format, which also helps the Epic Music VN Administrators find your track more easily.
If you have any questions about the Request Show Policy, contact